We are passionate about food and travel, and believe that food is the best way to understand a country, its culture and of course the people. La Mesa Food Tours is an opportunity for us to share this - and so much more - with you.

Come and experience a taste with La Mesa Food Tours!


You can read more about us in an interview we did with the fantastic blog 'Bogotastic'.

"Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious."
                                                                                                        - Ruth Reichl

A former business manager transformed into a wanderer who loves to share the Colombian Culture. I love cultural exchanges and to immerse myself in other places, and for this reason a few years ago I left my work an office and decided to dedicate myself to trips and travelers. Telling, writing and hearing stories fills my soul, and even better if accompanied by a cup of Colombian coffee! In some of my longer trips I've had the opportunity to work in restaurants and get to know a number of talented chefs, which opened the way for me to explore cuisines from other parts of the world. However, I am a fully convinced that the mix of flavors and textures in Latin America are incomparable! You have a friend waiting for you here in Colombia, and I look forward to showing you an amazing experience here in my country.



You have to taste a culture to understand it.
                                          - Deborah Cater

Growing up in a place full of delicious food, friendly people and lots of culture, the town of Envigado has made me who I am today. I love music, making friends, and above all else, food - especially homemade food! I grew up on simple food made by humble people, which can be better than the most sophisticated meal at the fanciest restaurant. I also spent time in Peru (one of the best experiences of my life!), and had the chance to explore a wide variety of new flavors and a different culture than what I knew. My time there was full of incredible ingredients and amazing memories, but it only really made me love the food I grew up with even more. I can't wait to show you my little town, and I really hope you fall in love with the local food, history and people as much as I have. 


- George Bernard Shaw

I`m Belkin Chico a professional tour guide. I studied tourism and hospitality Management and have enjoyed being a tour guide for over tree years. Travel is my passion! What I enjoy most about travelling and being a tour guide is meeting people from other countries and learning about their culture and sharing mine with passion!!. I also enjoy watching people smile and making them laugh. I`m so enthusiastic about my city and so proud to share my culture, my history and of course our food!!! My Goal is  provide you an unforgettable experience and to help you to see Cartagena through the eyes of a local, making you feel like a very special guest in this incredible city.